VA incompetence reigns

So, I didn’t get a return call on the 28th so I called back the next day. This time I let them know I was upset and, yay!, I got to talk to my doctor’s nurse. Turns out my doctor is on vacation… the nurse tells me that she’ll ask one of the covering doctors to look at my file and get back to me.

Fast forward again (did you expect them to suddenly follow through quickly?) to the following week (this past Thursday). I called again, very upset, especially since I’m still not feeling better. I spoke with the appointment taker, a medical interventionist person (administrative type, not medical), and finally, ta-da! the nurse.

She said that one of the doctors did look at my record and had some questions… my response? If he had questions, how come no one asked them of me?? At the end of that portion of the conversation, I came to realize that the doctor that looked at my chart only read what the receptionist folks wrote, which explained my symptoms but none of the history. (By the way, I say “receptionist” or “appointment maker” but when you call, you get a switchboard person… I’m sure they’re competent but I’ve never gotten the same person twice.)

The nurse FINALLY schedules me for a follow up blood test (hadn’t had one since mid-October) for the next day. So yesterday I drove to Frederick (only a 30 minute haul) and had my blood drawn; was told by the nurse that I’d hear something on Monday. By the way, my doctor won’t be back until Wednesday and her earliest available appointment (as of Thursday) is Friday.

We’ll see what Monday holds.